12 “Heart-Fillers”

Introduction to:
Your 12 “Heart-Fillers”

Have you ever come in contact with a broken heart? Perhaps, this was a broken heart of your own? Or, maybe it was a broken heart of a loved one?

There are many broken hearts if you look around. You’ve seen their faces, right? Maybe it was the homeless person? You don’t know this stranger, but still … you could see the pain in their eyes. You could almost feel their pain, couldn’t you?

Isn’t it interesting how we are impacted by others? You know what I’m saying, right? We’re impacted in that deep, hidden part of us … that sacred place. It’s that core part of us which is very, very real. When we try to fool ourselves by acting as if this part of us isn’t to be handled with care, we quickly find out just how fragile it can be. Are you able to relate at all?
My sincere hope is that you can indeed relate. The reason why is because God has some important information to share with you. It’s going to happen in this little book.

(excerpt from Son of God: All a Heart Needs – Jesus Calling You Child) (Holy Bible Insights Collection)

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