Infographic: Heaven


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Crush It!

How YOU can CRUSH IT! with Christianity …


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jzee.TV launches!


jzee.TV’s site and youtube channel has recently launched.
Go check it out and get connected!

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“In the end, No Way Dude is hard to put down. It has purpose, is powerful, and is compellingly told in such a way that lives will be changed for all of eternity.”
—Michael W. Langston, D. Min., Professor of Chaplaincy at Columbia International University

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1. Could you be mistaken about God and the path to Heaven?
2. Is it true only “good” people make it to Heaven?
3. Can YOU know for sure YOU will make it to Heaven?

All this and much more as you investigate, “NO WAY DUDE” – HOW YOU GOT TO HEAVEN.
(Free: 4/14/14-4/18/14) ***PLEASE SHARE***

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PRAISE BREAK: Addictive Love

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Religion Detox: Add “Righteousness” to Your Vocabulary

“What’s the big deal about righteousness?” you might ask. “As a matter of fact, what in the heck is it and why should I care?” might be closer to the truth, perhaps?

Aha! It’s OK. I hadn’t always known about it or what it is, either. Why don’t we do this? I’ll give you the basics, but you at the same time, please cement this suggestion into your thinking: You will never want to let this term, never-ever want to let this term slip out of your vocabulary—once you recognize its significance, OK?

Very briefly, perhaps associate a shorter word and phrase with it, OK? Righteousness is to be declared rightwith God. Think of the term justice and its entire concept. Associate just with right. Righteousness is to be declared just; just with God.

So build upon it, briefly … as it pertains to you. Since you have sinned (e.g. lied, lusted, hated, etc.) before a holy God and perfect, just Judge—you owe for the fine. The wage? Death. So, this is where Jesus comes in. Jesus didn’t owe God’s court anything, because He never committed any moral crimes or sins, right? Jesus is perfect, because Jesus is God in the flesh.

So again, where are you in this matter? Well, guilty, for one. How about Jesus? Innocent, right? Right. This is where righteousness comes in. Guilty people need a pardon, right? They need to be declared just or right or righteous before God. Else, the fine is pretty hefty. Death, eternal death. In other words, Hell.

We still have a problem, though. How do you get Christ’s blemish-less record over to your account? This is a pretty big problem and gap, no? Absolutely! But you know what? Big problem, small God—yes?

Conversely: BIG GOD, small problem. Yes? You know it!

(This is a partial excerpt from NO WAY DUDE – How You Got to Heaven)

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12 “Heart-Fillers”

Introduction to:
Your 12 “Heart-Fillers”

Have you ever come in contact with a broken heart? Perhaps, this was a broken heart of your own? Or, maybe it was a broken heart of a loved one?

There are many broken hearts if you look around. You’ve seen their faces, right? Maybe it was the homeless person? You don’t know this stranger, but still … you could see the pain in their eyes. You could almost feel their pain, couldn’t you?

Isn’t it interesting how we are impacted by others? You know what I’m saying, right? We’re impacted in that deep, hidden part of us … that sacred place. It’s that core part of us which is very, very real. When we try to fool ourselves by acting as if this part of us isn’t to be handled with care, we quickly find out just how fragile it can be. Are you able to relate at all?
My sincere hope is that you can indeed relate. The reason why is because God has some important information to share with you. It’s going to happen in this little book.

(excerpt from Son of God: All a Heart Needs – Jesus Calling You Child) (Holy Bible Insights Collection)

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New NoWayDude Press Release: Son of God – Free thru 2/18/2014

SON Promo2

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Joseph Prince – How Believers Fall From Grace

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Praise Break: Look Yourself

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