Praise Break: Revelation Song

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FREE Promos!


Get all of the Discovery Series Titles Free! ONE NEW DUDE: Your True Identity – FREE 1/27-1/29 – Now also in PRINT! (NOTE: You can also get free versions of One New Dudette, One New HomeGirl & One New Homie via … Continue reading

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Praise Break: Learning to Breathe

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Guidance Tip #1

“They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!” —2 Timothy 3:5

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God’s Will: A Mystery?


Is God’s will a mystery? This topic is deeper than will be discussed right now.
However, know this:
You most certainly can know God’s revealed will for your life! The question becomes, are you ready for it? You are ready for it, because only a foolish person discards God’s will as unimportant, right? God’s will is critical to your success! You’re on this.

Let’s make this this brief. I’ll give you the references, you do the Google or page-turning. Fair enough? Let’s do this! God’s will for your life is that you:

  • Be SAVED: 1 Peter 3:9
  • Be SPIRIT-FILLED: Ephesians. 5:17
  • Be SANCTIFIED: 1 Thessalonians 3
  • Be SEXUALLY PURE: 1 Thessalonians 4:3
  • Be SUBMISSIVE: James 4:7 ( Ephesians 5: Submit to God & one another.)
  • SUFFER: 1 Peter 3:17, 4:19
  • SAY THANKS. 1 Thessalonians. (Give thanks in everything.)
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Imputation (NO WAY DUDE book excerpt)


Imputation. Imputed righteousness. So again, how do you get Christ’s blemish-less record over to your account? How do you become righteous in the eyes of God?

You become righteous the very moment you place that full weight upon Jesus to save you, as we discussed in the previous section. It’s so easy, most people miss it. Even some professing Christians! Hey, tares grow with the wheat. Jesus will separate them in the end. The sheep from the goats. Don’t be fooled by another Gospel. I’m giving you the Gospel of grace—the Gospel of Jesus Christ—in this book. Run from any other Gospel and do not underestimate what I am sharing with you. Righteousness is key!  ~ NO WAY DUDE – How You Got To Heaven

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NO WAY DUDE Debut Promo Hits #1!

Special thanks to all who helped NO WAY DUDE achieve two Amazon #1 Best Sellers rankings during this recent book launch and promotion. Please continue to spread the word about this book and do not hesitate to use it as an effective tool for sharing the truth about God’s love—with others.

The print version is slated to be available on amazon within a week, or less. Get your copy of the kindle or print, soon!



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Praise Break: One Day at a Time

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“NO WAY DUDE” – How You Got To Heaven


Grab your copy and one for your friends, loved ones and colleagues, HERE. This new book includes specific instructions regarding how you got to Heaven!

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Praise Break: Movin’

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